A downloadable vidya

Working title "Comfy Kids"

developing in hopes to submit to #agdg #Comfyjam
(Comfy Jam: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-comfy-jam)

You're on a beach on an unknown island! Let's go explore! Adventure, building a cozy shack, and relaxing in a sunny hammock with a refreshing island beverage await in this action/adventure game based on Survival Kids and Legend of Zelda (GB)!

Simple 2-BIT Grayscale graphics reminiscent of classic Gameboy style.
Explore a beach and it's surrounding areas to gather supplies.
Craft things you find into tools and items to help you survive!
Active-battle combat easy enough for beginners to action-adventure games to handle, while still being challenging for higher skilled players.
Hunting and Gathering - Eat flora and fauna of the island!
Punch deer with your bare hands!

Current dev status:
Ideaguy stuff - Pretty much done!
Sprites/GFX - Got most of what I need for this at the moment done!
Programming - Underway!

Finish the HUD (which also ties a lot into the personal player and other bits.)
Get player walking around
Get tiled leveldata parsing and going
Get camera boundries happening
Get level transitions working
Get environment touching (like touching plants or picking up rocks) functioning
Get fauna creeping
Get events activating
THEN WE FREE PLAY (Probably graphical touch ups. and bug fixes.)

Feb 7: Got a bit done so far! Only a few days left to get everything else finished though. Even if we don't hit deadline we'll still push out a build of what's working so people can play around with it a bit!

Hope to keep you posted with updates!
Be sure to check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PrizeStudios/


PS: If you have never played Survival Kids I highly recommend you play it! It and it's sequel (which didn't get an English release but there *is* a fan translation) are both highly underrated gems. If you've got a bit of time to spare and want to play some comfy as fug games then you should definitely grab a Gameboy Emulator and grab those games!
(Note, I can't actually post any links to those things. I totally would if I could, but unfortunately you gotta do a Google search yourself.)

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